Baba Jasper (Rotibabi)

Vendredi 05 Mai - 22:00
Café Bonnefooi
rue des Pierres, 8
1000 Bruxelles
❂❁❂ BABA JASPER (ROTIBABI) ❂❁❂ Founder of / A deejay who gets his inspiration from different subcultures and art movements. Which you can hear back in his sound: his deejay style is recognisable by the strong atmospheric character plus the big contrast and variety in his music choices. From cosmic to organic, from robotic new wave, to worldly afro sounds. From melodic and moody soundscapes to raw beats and back again to synth pop & disco. Catchy, moody party vibes guaranteed! ❂❁❂ SOUNDCLOUD ❂❁❂