Belgian Pride ✘ FLASH ✘ Official PreParty ✘ Sunday 7 may

Dimanche 07 Mai - 22:30
Flash Tea Dance
Rue Duquesnoy, 18
1000 Bruxelles
On sunday MAY 7 , FLASH will host the official Pre-Party with a special DJ CONTEST ! The winner(s) will get the chance to play on the stage of the Pride Village. In 2 weeks, people will vote on facebook contest, to choose their favourite DJ. The deejays who'll get the highest number of votes will be selected to play at the party. * ANY DJ can subscribe to the contest * How to subscribe : Send an message by email at ( The email must contain your name, experience, and contact information ) Join The Belgian Pride 2017 Facebook page to stay informed: Good Luck to everybody ! ✘ FLASH INFO ✘ Before midnight = Free entrance Vip table booking: +32 478 65 43 21 Drag-Queens Residents : RAVEN & TYRA ✘ YOU NIGHT CLUB ✘ RUE DUQUESNOYSTRAAT 18 BRUSSELS ✘ Join the event on facebook and invite your friends as well!